Louis C.K.

Horace and Pete episode 8

March 19, 2016

Hi. It’s Saturday. Which was named after Saturn, the god the Romans made up to copy Cronos, who was Zeus’ dad. Or if you’re Bengali, today is Shonibar. In Mongolia today is sanchir or санчир. In Luxembourg, it’s Samschdeg.

No matter where you are, it’s time for another episode, or installment, or more minutes of Horace and Pete.

Go here to watch it, or to watch other episodes. As of today, there are 8.

This week Reggie Cathey joined us, as did Lucy Taylor and Colman Domingo. We had some other guests who you’ll recognize from previous… ones.

That’s all I have to say, really. Thanks for watching.

Here is the link.

Thank you. And please, please take good care of yourself, and look out a little bit for other people too.

Louis C.K.