Louis C.K.

New App, Hilarious and Chewed Up

December 24, 2016

Hello you gang. This is a message with some news about some new things. I hope this finds you well and hopeful.


I am writing to you today to let you know that I now have an APP. The App is basically a device-based form of my website. You can buy and watch my shows on this app. It makes paying and watching a lot easier. Any new shows I make in the future will pop up on this app and you can buy it and watch it across all your devices.

Also the app has a current running list of all the shows on my tour and you can click and buy tickets to those shows through the app as well. (I’m still touring through April and more shows will be announced soon).

If you choose to allow my app to contact you, you’ll get alerts when new tour shows are added, you’ll get alerts when new video shows are added and if I write any emails like this one they will come to you also through the app and the app has them all saved in a library.

The website and this email list remains the same. And if you use the app you can link it to your website account, so any shows you have already bought on louisck.net will be available to you on your device. You can use this app on an iPhone, an iPad, on a google thingy, a gizmodo or android device, an exploding samsung or the back of your mother’s spatula.

I’m also developing some new things that will only be available to app users. We’ll see how that goes.

The app is FREE and you can download it here:

For iOS: Download on iTunes
For Android: Download on Google Play


Two of my past standup specials “Hilarious” and “Chewed Up” are available on my app for the first time (also on the website). It costs the usual 5 dollars to stream, watch, whatever you want with each show. So my entire standup library is now available on the app (“Shameless” is in audio-only form).

Also, this matters to less people, but for people in Washington DC, I added a fourth show on Saturday night January 14th at the DAR Constitution Hall. It’s pretty much sold out, but what happened was a lot of people moved over from the Wednesday show to grab tickets for Saturday so now there are a bunch of tickets available for Wednesday. Just thought I’d let folks know about it.

Well so that’s all the news. I hope your holiday is going well and that it goes well. And I wish you all a Happy New Year. Meaning that I wish for your New Years Eve to be happy. It’s hard to wish hundreds of thousands of people to have an entire happy year. That’s a lot. That feels greedy and hopeless and also some of you might not deserve a happy year. Everyone deserves a happy moment or day now and again but a whole happy year I would wish on maybe eight people and four of them are terminally ill children.

Also please remember that the turning over of one year to another is a mental construct that bears no more weight than the things that keep us apart and in competitive categories as human beings. Time is not moving. You’re not losing or gaining ground. You’re not separate from “them” anymore than you’re separate from your own umbrella. It’s now, we’re us and this is here. If you’re in pain, this too shall pass. If you’re in luxury, this too shall pass. Ask an old lady how she’s doing. The internet is not real. Draw a picture on a napkin.

Love to all of you.

Louis CK